A Sin Vergüenza Moment: The Top 5 Things You Will Find at La Pulga

*Reader discretion is advised, this post contains profanity and is therefore rated PG-13, as in Padre Guidance recommended, pero not enforced.* 

Also, be ready to laugh your calcetines off.

The following blog post features Teatro Vivo actress Patricia Arredondo, who plays “La Puta” in Pulga Nation. Arredondo was an original and founding member of The The Latino Comedy Project and acted with them for about 10 years. She has been in a number of Teatro Vivo projects such as, “Fantasmaville.” She loves acting for the immediate reaction one gets from a live audience. So, without further adieu, here are the top five things “La Puta” would find at a pulga:

Photos by: Deanna Deolloz

La Puta’s List of “Top 5 Things You Will Find at La Pulga”

By: Patricia Arredondo

P– Papi Chulos are everywhere! La Pulga is full of papitos single y
bien ready to mingle! Dress up in tu Sunday pulga best porque you will
have plenty of competition!! *Note* If you are a single mama y tu
vecina can’t watch tus babies, dress them up too y bring them! What
says “I’m ready to settle down” to an eligible papasote better than
your morritos.

U– Universal Remotes are always getting lost. My pinche kids are
ALWAYS losing my TV remote! They try and blame their cousins pero I
know it’s my own mocosos loosing that shit…look for the Adapter Man,
tell him I sent you.

L– I was gonna say “Legs de Turkey” pero everybody and their perro
knows you can get turkey legs at the pulga so imma go with “Loose
Lenguas.” The pulga is full of chisme, nothing stays a secret here.
How do you think i found out that Santos Guerra moved to Frier? Shit.
Don’t even get me started on why that cabron left.

G– Ganas! There is nothing like the pulga to get you motivated to do
algo! Familia bored of the same ol’ cena? Visit the produce stand.
(they gots secret, bien fancy, gourmet stuff under the counter. You
just gotta know to ask for it.) Planning a wedding pero this is your
Tia’s 3rd special day so you guys ain’t got a lot of lana? The pulga
te da las ganas y inspiration to keep that shit under budget.

A– Acid Washed Anything!! La pulga has always been on the forefront of
fashion and nothing says relaxed class before anyone else than algo
acid washed. Mira, my sister bought a pair of purple acid washed
leather heels there in January and she’s already had 5 boyfriends and
a promotion at the raspa stand. La vieja at stall 107 is gonna let me
put on lay-a-way an acid washed, tiger print, fur blanket! I’m making
over El Love Den 😉

If you laughed, you should go ahead and buy your tickets now.

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