Why should I go see Pulga Nation?


By: Monica Rodriguez

There are three reasons you should come see Pulga Nation:

  1. This sketch comedy will make you laugh.
  2. The characters will remind you of someone and make you laugh more.
  3. Teatro Vivo will make you feel part of a community.

Omar Gallaga, a writer of Pulga Nation,  shares these same reasons with us today. In Pulga Nation, Teatro Vivo is all about the new, live and unexpected.

“Sketch comedy is new for Teatro Vivo and it’s very different from seeing a play,” said Gallaga. “Even though there may be running storylines through a show and recurring characters, it’s meant to be faster paced and to have a lot more wacky characters and absurd situations. We’re hoping audiences get a lot of laughs out of the show and that they see themselves or people they know in some of the characters.”

Inspiration for Pulga Nation came from connecting issues of the Latino community with the cultural icon of a pulga.

“We were looking for a something to tie a lot of different comedic ideas together, and the Pulga seemed like a great backdrop to talk about a lot of Latino issues and put them in a familiar setting,” said Gallaga. “We also thought it would really lend itself to spotlighting memorable characters and introducing funny situations.”

There is a relatable character for every generation in this sketch comedy, young and old from the Instagram hipsters to the techie gurus.

“I really like the scenes with the “Wicked” characters, hipsters who treat everything at the Pulga like it’s a cultural artifact,” said Gallaga. “[I also] really like the Adapter Man character and his extreme personality.”

Regardless of whom your favorite character will turn out to be, Pulga Nation has something for everyone to relate to.

“We [all] know people who are a little too intense and who make us uncomfortable, but for whatever reason we can’t really avoid them in our lives,” said Gallaga. “I’m looking forward to seeing [their] scenes performed on stage.”

Teatro Vivo is excited to add sketch comedy to the mix, and Gallaga couldn’t feel more welcomed.

“Teatro [Vivo]  really does an amazing job bringing together really talented performers who care not only about putting on good shows, but about impacting the community and creating a warm space for artists to practice their craft,” said Gallaga. “It has always felt like a family that continues to grow and evolve.  I’m thrilled that Vivo is introducing sketch comedy to the mix, because it’s allowed me to join in and contribute.”

Photo provided by: Statesman.com, Graphic by: Monica Rodriguez

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