Q&A with Raul Garza


One of the writers of Pulga Nation shares some insight, here’s a Q&A with Raul Garza:

1. What can audiences expect from The Mexcentrics this season?

Audiences can expect to laugh with us and laugh at us. They’ll discover characters who feel both new and familiar, and will surely see themselves and their friends & family portrayed in hilarious situations. They can also expect a very no-holds-barred approach to comedy!


2. What was your inspiration for Pulga Nation?

The writing team was inspired by the theme of duality – the quality of something having two distinct “faces.” We thought nothing exemplified that better for Latinos than the Pulga – where you find yourselves surrounded by the most vivid elements of la cultura.

3. What is your favorite scene from the play and why?

Different every time I see it. I’m tending to love the LOUDEST parts, because it reminds me of the fun, chaotic vibe of the Pulga.

4. Who is your favorite character in Pula Nation and why?

My favorite character is Adapter Man – a militant, retro-techie and Pulga veteran brought to life by writer Omar Gallaga. Adapter Man’s concept of language – a blend of English, Spanish, and tech-speak, and his diehard approach to dealing with those around him make him an unforgettable character. You’ll see!

5. Why should audiences come see Pulga Nation?

Because it delivers big laughs that hit home.

6. What are three things that make Pulga Nation unique?

The setting – where else are you going to see a show about a Pulga?

The characters – multigenerational and dysfunctionally lovable

The performances – the actors create an “alternate universe” – a Pulga Nation

7. What do you love about Teatro Vivo?

The aura – the wonderful positive energy we create together. I love the fellowship and laughter involved in any Teatro Vivo project.

Photo provided by: austin360; Graphic by: Monica Rodriguez

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