Pero, what’s a pulga?


A sample of items one can find at a pulga.
Photos by: Deanna Deolloz; Graphic by: Monica Rodriguez

By: Monica Rodriguez

So, what exactly is a pulga? According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word flea market is of French descent. It was originally given to a market in Paris that featured second-hand goods that might have contained actual fleas.

But is a pulga really your average flea market? Teatro Vivo member Karinna Perez, who assisted in the preliminary writing process of Pulga Nation, believes that a pulga is something much more.

“The Pulga is an outdoor shopping mall, without any oversight on what is being sold,” says Perez. “You can buy bootleg CDs and DVDs, furniture, boots, plants, anything really.”

According to Perez, the pulga is a place where people can create a second family.

“The booths that sell items are pretty regular so the booth owners get to know each other, creating a community,” said Perez.

The pulga experience can start at a young age. It can be a family affair or even the place to be; it can be a place where you can find intimate treasures for a great price.

“Some classmates and I went to a Pulga in San Juan, Texas for research [on] a play we were doing,” says Perez. “We were so excited to see a sale of 10 bras for 5 dollars, needless to say, we stocked up.”

Pulga Nation will invite audiences into the world of a Mexican flea market. It will be an intimate setting and smaller than a regular sized pulga, but Pulga Nation will be a loud, hilarious experience sin vergüenza!

“This show is written by some of the best writers in Austin. It’s going to be hilarious and filled with talent,” said Perez. “Plus, people will either learn about what a pulga is or reminisce about when they visited [past] pulgas.”

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