Showtime: Austin Latino New Play Festival

As Teatro Vivo is preparing for its sixth annual Austin Latino New Play Festival (ALNPF) in partnership with Script Works, many of our playwrights are also anxiously getting ready to present their stage readings that will take place from February 25 through February 27. Playwrights such as Andrew Valdez and Krysta Gonzales will debut their plays, My dad is an Pterodactyl and Mas Cara, which will both show important and distinct life lessons through different experiences in the Latino culture.

Meanwhile, Emilio Rodriguez also produced the stage production Mamacita and the Negrito that will introduce different cultural predicaments that can be seen within Latino communities and will help engage its audiences to give their own opinion about their experiences in relation to the stage readings.

We also want to further spotlight the hard work of Andrew Valdez who is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Texas at Austin and is hoping to capture the attention of his audience through his most recent stage production My Dad is a Pterodactyl that brings a different perspective into the challenges that families face when experiencing loss and grief.

Furthermore, we also want to showcase Roxanne Schroeder-Acre who has years of experience teaching theater at different universities and colleges. She is currently getting ready to debut Primas, which is about bringing different struggles that many Mexican American women face when coming to the United States including the traditional and highly anticipated quineanera and its meaning to their cultural roots.

Each one of our dedicated and passionate playwrights will also get the opportunity to interact with their audiences through talk back sessions that will be held directly after each stage reading.

Because we are very passionate and excited to offer a hands on experience into the diverse cultures surrounding the Latino community, we are going to be offering donation-based admission tickets during the festival. Therefore, anyone with an adventurous mindset is welcome to join us and gain new ideas about a very rich culture.


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