Teatro Vivo’s La Pastorela Opening Night

On December 3, Teatro Vivo had their opening night for “La Pastorela,” a biblical comedy at the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center.

Andie Flores, first-year actress at Teatro Vivo playing San Miguel, was a little nervous for opening night, but felt certain she was going to have


Andie Flores preparing backstage before warm-up and showtime. (Photo Credit: Alina Agha)

fun. On how she prepares before a play, Flores said “I try to remember why I wanted to do the play in the first place…whatever happens, I know I’m going to have fun, that’s a guarantee.”


The cast was all warmed up, doing their usual warm-up exercises in half costume and make-up. There was no chaos, the cast and crew were walking and talking around like it was a usual day at the stage. The crowd was full of friends and family, waiting in the Hispanic decorated lobby to be let into the auditorium, talking to JoAnn and other members of Teatro Vivo about their excitement to watch the play.


The cast of La Pastorela warming up before show time. (Photo Credits: Alina Agha)

Executive Director JoAnn Reyes was certainly not anxious about opening night. “Opening night is more about excitement and anticipation than anxiety. With live theatre anything can happen, of course. I focus on what will be magical in the moment more than what could possibly go wrong, because that list could be endless!” said Reyes.


Today is the “vino y chocolate” reception, where free desserts and wine will be served from 6-7:30pm. The play continues until December 20th, with December 10-17th tickets are on sale for “pay what you wish.” The remaining days are regular ticket prices, being $15 for general public, and $20 for reserved seating. Discounts are available for students, teachers and seniors at $12. You can click here to buy tickets.

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