Ding, ding, ding! Luchadora in the Ring!

Luchadora, written by Alvaro Saar Rios, was the second play to be debuted at the Austin Latino New Play Festival during mid-May.

Luchadora opens with a scene between a grandmother, Lupita, and her granddaughter having a conversation and eventually discussing a certain briefcase in which Vanessa finds a lucahdor mask hidden inside. Lupita embarks on a remarkable story dating back to the summer of 1953 when she, too, also discovered the secret of the mask. One summer day, Lupita begs her father to allow her to take his briefcase to mask maker, a secretive and tough woman who knows all about the best luchador of all time, Mascara Rosa. Eventually, Lupita discovers that her mother was Mascara Rosa and asks the mask maker to train her secretly behind her father’s back. In a touching story about a bond between father and daughter over the love for lucha libre and women empowerment, Luchadora is a unique play that focuses on one of the most beloved sports in Latino culture and captures a certain reality of the individuals involved in it.

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