Pulga Time Machine: What would the world be like if Selena had lived? Imagínate!

 Post by: Merced Elizondo
Graphic by: Katherine Fan

Pero en serio, what if we still had our beloved Selena? That is the question in a brand new sketch comedy show, “Pulga Time Machine,” from Austin’s very own Mexcentrics Troupe! With the comical creative expansion of last year’s sold out show, “Pulga Nation,” this clever production brings together los mejores award-winning alumni from Teatro Vivo and the Latino Comedy Project for a night full of Tex-Mex laughs that are sure to leave you with a pain in your side.

The world’s biggest Tejano music fan, Rogelio, headlines “Pulga Time Machine” as he travels through time in order to save the industry’s biggest star. The show will also feature hilarious new characters, including the Low Lowrider Drones, a rebellious Virgen de Guadalupe, and even Obamacare holdouts!

Also, be on the lookout for some of your favorite characters from last year’s production, “Pulga Nation”, as “Pulga Time Machine” will be a rich 7-layer dip through the pulga (“flea market” for our amigos que no hablan español) culture of the past, present, and future.

Sketch writers for this production include the likes of Omar Gallaga, Raul Garza, and Karinaa Perez. Performances will be held on February 13-March 1, Thursday-Saturday at 8 p.m. at the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center (601 River Street 78701). As an added bonus, free parking is available!

While we encourage everyone to come out, this production is definitely NOT for the whole family. Adult humor and language will be presented throughout, so only those who are ages 18 and up will be admitted.

Tickets are $20 for reserved seats, $16 for general admission, and $13 for students/seniors.

smaller pulga graphic

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