Teatro Vivo partners with Hispanic Scholarship Consortium

Teatro Vivo, Austin’s premier Latino theater company, is proud to announce their partnership with the Hispanic Scholarship Consortium, an organization dedicated to opening gateways and eliminating barriers to higher education so students can reach their full potential.

Started in 2004, the Hispanic Scholarship Consortium model was an innovative funding approach where it raised its own funds and then matched the funds of other scholarship-minded organizations to make more substantial awards.

The $1 for $1 Matching Funds Program was the fruit of this effort and to this day, HSC will match the funds of its members and benefactors $1 for $1 to create a minimum $2,000 award. In 2005, HSC was able to award $30,000 using this approach.

Teatro Vivo joins the effort of breaking educational barriers by partnering with the Hispanic Scholarship Consortium. Supporters of the consortium can purchase $20 tickets to Teatro Vivo’s upcoming production of “Pulga Nation” and half of the proceeds will stay with HSC.

For more details on the partnership, contact Evelyn Castillo or Marisa Limon.

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